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How to Speed up Mac G4?

Mac is one of the most advanced operating system known for its superb performance and accessibility features. However, one of the most frustrating thing that Mac users often experience is the slow Mac issues. Like any other Mac versions, Mac G4 is also susceptible to slow computing speed due to which user face problem accessing files, loading or executing any application and trouble with slow startup and shut down speed. Therefore, it becomes important to speed up Mac G4 to optimize the performance of Mac.

Over the time, accumulation of duplicate files, temporary log files and surplus binaries, unused application and widget bloat valuable disk on space and slow down Mac performance. Here are given some useful steps to speed up Mac G4:

One most common factor that affect the speed of Mac G4 is free amount of physical drive space. Therefore, to free up hard drive space, you should delete all backup and duplicate files.

You may experience slow speed of Mac G4 if you running G4 with less than 1GB of RAM. To speed up Mac G4, you should try to add more RAM to G4.

Clear out the cache on your web browser. One of the common cause of slow internet speed on your Mac G4 is the full cache of internet data. To clear out cache on your web browser, select “preferences on your browser” and then select “clear browsing history”.

Update firmware on the Mac G4. Apple often released system update that affect the execution time of the computer. For this, click Apple icon on top left corner of the Mac G4 and then select “software update” to update all software and firmware on your system

Run disk utility to check the issues related to hardware of the system. Choose disk utility and then click on hard disk on the left and then select “repair disk permissions” to verify disk

Close the application that are running in background. It will save CPU as well as system resources

However, it is clarify that above mentioned manual steps is risky and tedious process. Also, locating and deleting each and every duplicate files manually is not so easy. Therefore, best option is use third party tool to speed up Mac G4. Speed up Mac is best and comprehensive utility to quickly delete all junk and duplicate files from the system to optimize the Mac performance in speedy way.

  Price: $33.00

Mac OS X 10.3.9 and later - Full Leopard and Snow Leopard compatibility

Download: Tidy Up! is a complete duplicate finder and disk tidiness utility.

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