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Best way to optimize Mac OS X Lion performance

Mac OS X Lion is the eight version of Mac OS. Compared to previous Mac versions, this new version is integrated with enhanced features, highly efficient processor and memory usage. Mac OS X Lion is featured with multi-touch support, full screen apps, launchpad, air drop that help you to copy files between Mac wirelessly and auto-save that automatically save your document and many more. However, it is very important to manage and organize your files and folder otherwise the performance of your Mac degrades. To optimize Mac OS X lion, first very important thing is to find out the cause of Mac slow performance.

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There are several reasons behind the slow performance of Mac OS X Lion like presence of duplicate and junk files, temporary and log files, universal binaries, cache and many others. These unwanted files unnecessarily occupy the hard disk space leading to Mac slowdown. In order to optimize Mac OS X lion performance, some of the important points are highlighted below:

Restart your computer. Mac OS X lion is more stable than older versions of Mac. However, after certain time, large numbers of temporary files build up on the computer hard drive which eat up lot of RAM and clogged other system resources. Restarting your system will help to free up system resources and improve Mac performance up to some extent.

Upgrade RAM: Although Mac OS X lion has efficient built-in RAM but despite of that upgrading your RAM will definitely improve Mac performance.

Repair disk permissions: It is highly recommended to repair disk permissions after installation of any third party software or application.

Free up Hard drive space: Delete duplicate files, junk files, clear cache and binaries to remove hard drive clutter. Your system requires at least 10% free space in hard drive to defragment large files.

Disable widgets from Dashboard: Try to disable all those widgets that are not needed because these programs consumes lot of processor speed and RAM.

Above all, best way to optimize Mac OS X lion performance is by using third party Mac optimization software. This tool is inbuilt with advance scanning algorithm that automatically identifies duplicates on your system, remove localized and language files, updates software and optimizes your Mac in few seconds. This tool supports all Mac versions and can be easily used even by novice users.

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