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Defrag Mac OS X Lion to Make Mac run Smoothly

Is your Mac OS X Lion takes long time to boot? Mac OS X Lion is newly advanced version developed by Apple. But like any other operating system, Mac OS X Lion needs routine maintenance to keep it at optimal performance. So, over certain period, there is need to tune up Mac by cleaning up old file fragments that is enough to slow down Mac OX Lion performance. Defrag Mac OS X Lion is one of the effective way to defragment Mac hard drive so as to increase the computer performance.

However, Mac running any versions above 10.2 does not need to be defragmented. It consists of own built-in safeguard features that prevent files from being fragmented. However, when the hard drive has less than 10% free space, Mac OS X is unable to perform its automatic defragmentation routines and in such case, you need to either delete files manually or go for third party Mac defragmenter tool to defrag Mac OS X Lion.

There are several reasons due to which Mac Lion OS X performance degrades over time like:

  1. Accumulation of duplicate files
  2. Useless dashboard widgets
  3. Running so many applications at Startup
  4. Temporary files, logs and cache
  5. Unused applications

All these useless files and programs unnecessarily takes lot of valuable space on hard drive and makes Mac OS X Lion run slow. Even if you trash Mac, the data does not deleted permanently and keep on multiplying silently over time, clogging up the limited space on hard drive and thus make your Mac run slow. Luckily, defrag Mac OS X Lion is best solution to eliminate those unwanted and useless applications. It arranges the files within the free space available to undo fragmentation and thus make your Mac run so efficiently.

Apple offers free utility called disk utility to defrag Mac. You can run this tool to defrag Mac. But this tool has certain limitations and in most of the cases, it fails. Therefore, using third party Mac defragmenter is best option to defrag Mac OS X Lion. It allows you to organize portions of free space scattered across the Mac volume and thus you can minimize the system startup time. The tool is compatible with all Mac versions like Mac OS X 10.7(Lion), Mac OS X 10.6(Snow Leopard), Mac OS X 10.5(Leopard) and Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger).

  Price: $33.00

Mac OS X 10.3.9 and later - Full Leopard and Snow Leopard compatibility

Download: Tidy Up! is a complete duplicate finder and disk tidiness utility.

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