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Know How to Clean Up iMac

Imac is a range of all-in-one Mac desktop computer designed and built by Apple Inc. It is integrated with enhanced features like Intel Core 2 Quad processor, HD graphics and Thunderbolt I/O to provide fast accessibility to user. However, if you don’t organize files and programs on your system, performance of your imac degrades considerably. The situation become annoying when you run a program and it takes long time to respond. In order to overcome this problem, there is need to clean up imac.

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Mac OS X 10.3.9 and later - Full Leopard and Snow Leopard compatibility

Download: Tidy Up! is a complete duplicate finder and disk tidiness utility.

Most of the time you receive error message like “hard drive is full”, or “start disk is full” which makes you unable to access any files. There are number of reason behind slow performance of your imac like low disk availability, presence of duplicate or junk files, temporary files, logs etc. Sometimes downloading same music, photos or albums scatter duplicate files on your system which ends up with slow iMac performance. To cleanup imac most important thing is to remove hard drive clutter by deleting all those files that unnecessarily eat up disk space. .

  1. Clean out startup menu items: There are some applications which are by default kept in startup items. However, these applications launch automatically whenever you log into your system and makes your system slow.
  2. Keep desktop items clean: Keeping so many files and folders on desktop degrades the performance of system. You can arrange the desktop items by keeping related files under one folder.
  3. Clean out system preferences: There are some programs in system preferences that are not always needed. You can disable such programs when not needed in order to cleanup imac.
  4. Delete duplicate files: Delete duplicate and unwanted files that unnecessarily occupying the hard disk space and making your Mac performance slow.
  5. Delete logs and temporary files: Using internet or downloading or installing files add some temporary files into the system. Remove unwanted logs and temporary files to free up hard disk.
  6. Uninstall software and applications that are no longer needed.

You can manually delete duplicate files using these methods but the problem with manual method is that it is quite clumsy, time consuming and frustrating if you delete any wrong files. Alternatively, you can use efficient Mac optimization software to clean up imac. This software easily identifies duplicate files by name, size and bitrate and removes them to improve imac performance.

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